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These fishes have light spots on a dark background. They have a lack of teeth on the upper mouth portion. Their color varies with environmental conditions. But they are generally brown in color. They have pink spots on their sides. Arctic char is often confused with the other species. Dolly  Varden and Arctic Char have same locations Arctic Char have hooked lower jaw than Dolly Varden



1. Diet

2. Farming

3. Life history

4. Spawning

5. Range

6. Habitat

7. Status

8. Trends

9. Facts

Diet ( Arctic char

Their diet changes with the seasons. In summer, these fishes eat insects found on the surface of the water. They also eat snails and other smaller insects which are on the bottom of lakes and rivers. In the winter these fishes feed on smaller plants and other smaller fishes. Their diet also varies with location. Some people thought that Arctic Char shows their attitude while feeding.


Many fish businessmen thought that arctic char would live in a cold area of Canada. They would fetch a high price in the market. The basic investigation has to lead to the discovery of characteristics. The arctic char show resemblance with Salmon fish. The Iceland fish farming company selected a place on Island for farming the Arctic char on a big level. By that Arctic Char will be produced on a large scale. The Ceo of Iceland Fish farm Árni Páll Einarsson says that his aim is to make a healthy fish and grow Arctic char without polluting its surroundings.

Life History

Only a few people know about the history of the life of Arctic Char in Alaska lakes. In other areas, they exist in three different forms.

Their farms show the difference in the following things;

  • Habitat
  • Food selection
  • Growth Rates
  • Average Size

So these are few things that vary with the quality of the farm. If habitat, food selection, growth rates, and the average size of fish is best then you must know that fish is living in a suitable form.


Arctic char or not mammals. They lay eggs. Usually, they spawn in the month of October.  These fishes lay eggs on the depths of the sea to keep their eggs safe. Before spawning, female arctic char select the place for the spawning in the security of male arctic char.  The heads chin of eggs to place after two months of spawning.  Young fish begin to feed after emerging the eggs. 


Arctic char basically range across northern and southern polar region.  They range across many American lakes and coastal areas in the Atlantic. These fishes are not common in every country of the world. This fish ranges only within a specific region


They found in the lakes on the mountain named “Kigluaik” and the “Kuskokwim”. Also found in interior Alaska which is near to Denali park. Basically they are native to northern streams, rivers, lakes, and coastal areas in North America.

Status Of Arctic Char

They have very important in the area of Alaska. Because these fishes are present in huge quantities in that area as compare to other fishes. Therefore their status according to that area of Alaska would be of supreme importance.


These fishes are generally considered to be stable due to only its range in Alaska. Some people do not know the actual trends of this fish in the area of Alaska due to a limited number of research and low harvesting rates.  Surely, if businessman and fisheries department research on that area. They will able to get much information.


Usually, all fishes have some threats like environmental threats.  But the threats to arctic char are given below.

  • Overharvesting
  • Degradation (Cutting of forest)
  • Climate changes
  • Pollution among others


  Size38 inches
  DietZooplankton, insects, other fishes


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