Cold-water fish: What are they? How to feed them? and Types

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Cold-water fish: What are they? How to feed them? and Types

Are you thinking of having animals but don’t have much time to take care of them? The Fish Info recommends you buy an aquarium and some cold-water fish. These, unlike those that live in tropical climates, do not need a thermostat. Only that the water is clean and, of course, that they are fed several times a day.

Although there are not many species available. The truth is that there are enough to set up an aquarium. Learn about the main characteristics of cold-water fish and what care they require to live for several years.

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What are cold-water fish like?

Cold-water fish are those that live in seas where the average temperature ranges between 16 and 24ºC. Their bodies are rounded, with single or double fins. Which can be more or less short depending on the species of the fish.

If we talk about sight, it is not usually very good, but that is not a problem for them. Thanks to their nostrils and the beards around their mouths. They can guide themselves and detect the presence of another approaching animal.

In general, they are calm animals, swimming slowly. For this reason, they can help you a lot to relax. In this sense, you can read another article which is about Different types of fish.

What care do they require?

In order for cold-water fish to stay healthy, it is very important that we provide them with basic care, which is:

Food: It is essential to give them quality food. Which we can find in animal products stores. It is necessary to give the food according to its size so that the small or medium will be given granules and the largest pellets. The frequency will be 2 to 3 times a day, and always the amount they can eat in seconds.

Maintenance: highly recommends keeping them in ponds or in glass aquariums, with water whose pH is between 6.5 and 7.5. The place where they located needs to be cleaned thoroughly between one and two times a week. Putting the fish in a bowl or basin of water until their home has been left unpolluted.

Types of cold-water fish

Now that you know what they are like and how they take care of themselves. It is time to know what types of cold-water fish are the most common in aquariums.

Pink barbel

This is one of the fish that we most often find in pet stores. Its scientific name is Puntius conchonius , and it is native to Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Burma. It is very resistant, withstanding temperatures between 17 and 25 degrees Celsius. Once they reach adulthood, they are 14cm in length.



The Goldfish, whose scientific name is Carassius auratus, although it is better known as crucian or redfish, is by far one of the most popular. It is native to China, and due to its size -about 15cm in adulthood- it is very suitable to have in aquariums of different sizes. There are many varieties, such as the Bubble Eyes or the Lion’s Head, but with any of them, you can enjoy this hobby without having to worry.

Koi carp

Koi carp

Koi Carps, or Cyprinus carpio in scientific language, is one of the most loved fish. It is also native to China, although they live in all seas, except in the cold poles. It is a relative of the common carp, and you should know that they can grow up to 70cm if the aquarium is large.

Marble coridora

Marble coridora the cold-water fish

The marble coridora or pepper coridora, scientifically known by the name Corydoras paleatus, is one of the most recommended for beginners since it tolerates different qualities of water. It is native to the subtropical area of ​​South America. Specifically, it lives in the rivers of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. It grows up to 14cm.


Gambusia or mosquitofish is a cold-water fish

This fish, of the genus Gambusia, also know as mosquitofish, is very resistant, so much so that they can survive in both warm and cold water. They are native to the rivers of most of the world, including Europe, Asia, and Africa. They can be kept in small or medium aquariums since they grow up to 14cm, but we must know that this fish is carnivorous, and can eat the fry of other fish species.

Sun perch

Sun perch fish is a cold water fish

This is one of the fish that stands out for its beautiful colors, but also its adaptability, withstanding from 4ºC to 22ºC. Its scientific name is Lepomis gibbosus, and it is native to North America, although today, thanks above all to the help of the human being, it is also found in Africa and Europe. It is a carnivorous animal, so it is not advisable to put it with other fish species, nor should it be returned to its wild state. Adult males can grow up to a maximum of 20cm.

So far our special on cold-water fish. We hope we have helped you choose your new tenants. Do you know more small size cold water fish? Published By

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