Different types of fish

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Different Types of Fish

The bluefish and white differ so digestible meat, and therefore, by the different proportions of fat that have their muscles. There is also an intermediate group which is called semi-fat fish. 

Different Types Of White Fish

Here is the list of different types of white fish:


Hake is one of the fish that accepts the most preparations, from the simplest recipes to the most sophisticated. It is a white fish with tasty and soft meat and although there are many species. The common European hake is the most exquisite.

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This fish is also known by the name of toad or frogfish. It is a white saltwater fish that lives on the ocean floor. Thanks to the consistency of its meat, and since its fillets are boneless. It is perfect for those who reject fish.


It is fish whose main characteristic is that it has both eyes located on the left side of the body. Rooster is a white fish with a smooth texture and flavor with very low-fat content and there are many recipes in which it is the protagonist.


Different types of fish

Cod is a white saltwater fish of which there are some 60 different species. But the best known and most commercially important is the common cod. It is a fish with a pleasant taste, in fact, more prominent than that of other white fish.


Turbot is a white fish that due to its mild flavor and easy digestion is perfect for people with a delicate stomach and for people who are thinking of dieting. It is a firm and exquisite meat fish.


Sole is a white fish and is classified as one of the best flatfish for its good quality and for being low in fat. It can be found in the market throughout the year. Although the best time to consume it is between March and April.


Sea bass, cod, whiting, perch, and stingray are the leanest white fish, providing 1.3 grams of fat per 100 grams of meat. Sea bass is considered a very nutritious fish that can be a regular part of low-calorie diets.

Different Types Of Blue Fish

Here is the list of different types of bluefish


Anchovies, sardines, and greaves are the three most consumed bluefish in our country. Anchovy is not one of the fattiest fish. Due to its small size, it can be manipulated with the hands without using kitchen utensils.



Sardine is a blue fish that has a good source of omega 3 that helps lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The consumption of sardines and other blue fish is recommended for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Horse mackerel

The presence in the diet of greaves and other blue fish recommended for the quality of its fat. Which helps in reducing the risk of heart disease. The cicada is a good source of protein of high biological value and has vitamins and minerals.


Bonito is distinguished from tuna mainly by the length of the pectoral fin. Which is much longer in bonito. As well as by the oblique dark-colored stripes that bonito presents on both sides of the dorsal zone.


Mackerel belongs to the Scommbrid family as do tuna and bonito. A bluefish highly appreciated for its flavour and the consistency of its meat. The minerals that stand out in mackerel are potassium, magnesium, iodine, and iron.


It is convenient to differentiate tuna from albacore or northern tuna, which in some regions is called albacore. Tuna is one of the most consumed bluefish in our country and its meat has 12% fat. Although it is a fat-rich in omega 3.



Although salmon considered a bluefish, salmon is still leaner than most meats. Salmon’s iron is very easy to absorb and also has a high phosphorus content. Salmon is essential for the proper functioning of brain tissues.

Different Types Of Semi-fat Fish

Here is the list of different types of semi-fat fish


The golden fish or goldfish has a moderate fat content. This is why considered a semi-fat fish and, therefore, low in energy. So that if it is cooked simply and with little fat, its consumption is appropriate in diets to control the weight.


Semi-fat fish that provides around 3 grams of fat for every 100 grams of meat. Trout contains proteins of high biological value, but in lower amounts than other fish. This fish considered a very nutritious food that provides potassium and phosphorous.

Sea bream

It is a semi-fat fish that becomes bluefish in winter due to its high-fat content. Fished intensively since it is a fish that is consumed a lot and in Japan. Sea bream considered one of the best delicacies in large celebrations.

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