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 Fertilization Of Fish Pond, Fertilize of Fish pond

Nitrogen and phosphorus are the basic nutrients required for phytoplankton development. In Pakistan, we have two sources of organic fertilizer, poultry and cow manure.
Suggested inorganic fertilizers are urea, d ammonium phosphate, single super phosphate, ammonium sulfate and
For the following two compounds, one level of fertilizer applied to fertilizers contains approximately the same amount of nitrogen and alkaline soil for acid and neutral soil for phosphorus.
Case 1
D ammonium phosphate
Cow manure
D ammonium phosphate
Chicken manure
5 kg / week ammonium sulfate
1.5kg / week nitrophos
500kg / week Single Super Phosphate
Case 2
Urea 2 weeks
15kg / week Caudong or chicken
300 cupcake mandiri
The following fertilizers, along with liquid fertilizers, can also be used to enhance water production capacity, especially. In the alkaline areas of this province.
Phosphorus Plus
Caudong or
Poultry manure
5 kg / acre / week
Kg / acre / week
250 kg / acre / week
10kg / acre / straight

Different fertilizers require different application methods: fertilizer should be evenly dispersed before filling the bottom of the pond, ie five or five times inorganic fertilizer urea and other
DAP dissolves fairly quickly and can be kept directly in pond water. D-Ammonium phosphate, a great deal of effort to dissolve and should be mixed in water in a bucket or basin and dissolved as much as possible before dividing in the pond. However, careful fertilizers need to be incorporated in stable hot months, so that the plankton is a direct indicator of the severity of the openings (see Water Quality Management).

One second 30-40 cm What is recommended for nursery and growing PO Transparency is much higher than these recommendations should be applied to 1 or 2 pounds, depending on the amount and intensity of the sun once a week. ۔ Watercolor due to bloom is also a good indicator when a strong green colour is maintained by the addition of fertilizers when the green colour ends to wander.


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