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Fish Cage Culture

Fish cage culture has its pros and cons that must be carefully considered before cage production becomes the chosen method. Potential fish farmers can produce fish without stopping sport fishing in conventional ponds. There is no need to invest large amounts of capital for construction or equipment. Therefore, you can try fish farming without unreasonable risk.

Cage Culture Has The Following Advantages:

Alternatively, many types of water resources can be used, including lakes, reservoirs, ponds, strip pits, streams, and rivers that cannot be harvested.

It requires a relatively low initial investment in existing water bodies.

Harvest is simplified.

Fish observation and sampling have been simplified.

You can use the pond for sports fishing or other species’ cultures.

Fewer manpower requirements.

Job creation for unemployed youth and women.

Extra income to fishermen during the off-season.


Cage Culture Has Several Distinct Drawbacks. These Include:

The feed must be nutritionally complete and fresh.

LODOS (Low Dissolved Oxygen Syndrome) is an existing problem and may require mechanical aeration.

Foul in the net cage.

The incidence of the disease may be high and the disease may spread rapidly.

Vandalism or poaching is a potential problem.

Navigation problems.

Accumulation of unused feed and feces will lead to water pollution and eutrophication.

Changes in water quality parameters.

Conflict within the community.

Predation by aquatic mammals and birds.


Overcrowding of aquatic organisms in cages.


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