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Fish Farming types, Techniques For Fish Farming 

Fish farming techniques

Methods of fish farming

Fish farming can range from ‘backyard’ food ponds to large-scale industrial enterprises. The farming system can be expressed in terms of input level.
In Extensive fish farming, economic and labor sources are generally scarce. Natural food production plays a very important role, and system productivity is relatively low. Fertilizers can be used to increase fertility and thus fish production.
Cultivating semi-extensive fish farming requires medium inputs, and fertilizer and/or extra feeding increases fish production. This means higher labor costs and feed costs, but higher fish production is usually more than compensated.

Intensive fish farming involves the storage of high-level inputs and ponds to maximize fish. Fish are fed extra food, while natural food production plays a minor role. In this system, fish storage density (susceptibility to diseases and lack of dissolved oxygen) can lead to management difficulties. Higher productivity costs force a person to bring higher market prices to make fish farms economically viable.



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