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Fish Rearing Pond management

1.Introduction Rearing Pond Management
What is a nursery? Pond relatively larger than nursery
Preferably, an area of ​​up to 0.2ha is used for rearing the pond, ie fingering the fryer. nurture
3 months until fingering stage (8-12 cm)
 Why should you build a Rearing pond?
o Better use of land and water.
o Regular sources of income (self-employment) and profit generation.
o Food security and nutrition are guaranteed.
o For a better living
o The appropriate time, effort and skills, knowledge, training, practice and monitoring
It was necessary to raise the tempura.
Where to build a nursery? Good water supply, soil quality and some basic
Prevention is necessary to build a pond.
Water supply: The most common source of water used for aquaculture is the surface
Water (rivers, springs, lakes) and groundwater (wells, aquifers). Wells and springs
Constantly prefers high-quality water. Quantity and quality
Water should be enough to support production. A good water source is relatively
Free from silt, aquatic insects, predators, and toxic substances,
The concentration of dissolved oxygen.
 Soil quality: Land should consist of quality soil with little or no gravel.
Rocks are mixed or mixed on the surface.
Compresses to fish bottom, side and core trenches to minimize leaks. The soil
The clay used to build the embankment should contain at least 20% clay.
Throughout the growing season. Some soils with high clay content, preferably
30-40% — Should be available nearby. Used to pack core trenches.
dike. See BOX NO 2 for soil quality types.
 Recommendations:
o Choose a place with a gentle slope so that you don’t need too much excavation.
o Easier drainage even on slopes
o If the ground is too low, there is a risk of flooding. Avoid such places
o Do not build ponds on land with good agricultural products.
o Build a pond near your home for care and maintenance.
o Choose an area without trees/plants so that proper wind flows and water becomes oxygen.
o Places should be secured with good waterways such as rivers, rivers, and sluice dams.
o Mud baths are not permitted in ponds.
o Good soil holding capacity is essential. Not sand and gravel containing place
Recommended for good culture. Clay soil is good.

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