How to Know if a Goldfish Pregnant And Will Lay Eggs?

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How to Know if a Goldfish Pregnant And Will Lay Eggs? :

When a female goldfish is about to lay eggs, she is said to be pregnant. If you think your fish will spawn, there are several ways to be sure. First, you need to know if the conditions are right for your fish to reproduce, then look for the signs that precede spawning in both the female and the male. Although this is rare, it is sometimes possible to buy a pregnant female directly. Otherwise, your goldfish will breed if you have a male and a female. In case if you don’t know How to take care of a goldfish? then click the given link to read briefly about it.

Check if conditions are favorable for your goldfish to lay eggs

Determine if your fish is a female

How to take care of a goldfish

The best way to find out is to ask the seller when you buy it. However, when you look at the fish from above, you will notice that the female has a more rounded body than the male. The female also has pectoral fins (those which are under the gills), shorter and round than those of the male.

  • Goldfish do not usually lay eggs until they are one year old.

Take into account the time of year

If your fish is outdoors, it will only spawn during the spring and early summer. However, if your fish has always lived indoors, it can lay eggs at any time of the year. If you want to know if your outdoor goldfish will spawn, you have to take into account the time of year.

Check the water temperature

Goldfish are more likely to breed in the water at a temperature of around 20 ° C. If you think your fish is about to lay, check that the temperature is correct. (1)

Let’s discuss now how to observe the signs preceding the laying.

Look for “wedding buttons” in the male goldfish

When the male is ready to breed, small white pimples grow around his head, on his cheeks, and his pectoral fins. If you notice these white dots, your female is more likely to be pregnant.

  • These “wedding buttons” can be difficult to spot. If you don’t see them, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the female is not carrying eggs.

Pay attention to the hunting of the male goldfish

When preparing to mate, the male can start to hunt the female, it is a kind of courtship display. Most of the time, this behavior is more visible than white buttons.

Assess the activity level of your fish

gold fish

When females lay their eggs, they usually start moving slowly. If you notice a decline in activity by your female, this may be a sign of imminent egg-laying.

  • You may also notice that she spends more time in plants or shelters, where she then lays her eggs.

Pay attention to a refusal of food

When fish prepare to lay, they sometimes refuse food. If your female is not hungry, she may lay eggs quickly.

Observe the belly of the fish

Females are generally slightly more rounded than males. When they are about to lay eggs, their stomachs can get bigger and come out a little more.

  • As with “bridal buttons”, the increase in belly size is more visible in some fish than others. In some females, the difference is imperceptible.

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