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Pre Stocking And Post Stocking Management Of Fish Nursery Pond

1. Preparing a powerful pond Dykes
I. The pond slope should be a 2: 1 ratio of 3: 1.
ii. Dykes must be high at the surrounding level to prevent outside entry
Water and fish during the rainy season
iii. Mud at the bottom of the pond is washable and should not be used to construct height Under heavy shower ratio. 

2. Removal of aquatic plants and weeds
I. Can be eradicated by physical methods
ii. Chemical method-Glyphosphate 3kg / ha
iii. Grass carp in a biological way
3.Predatory fish removal
I. Physical method-dry, repeat netting
ii. Using plant derivative method-moc (saponin) -2500kg / ha
iii. Using chemical method-bleaching powder-350kg / ha
4. Floor soil drying and plowing
I. Drying by dehydration or partial removal by the pump
ii. Floor rake complete
iii. Peel, stone, brick, plastic, etc. must be removed
iv. Use moc-2500kg / ha or bleach powder-350kg ha or urea 100kg / ha + bleach powder mixture-175kg / ha
5.Soil correction (pH)
I. By adding lime according to the soil type
6. Raising the water level
I. Water up to 1m to 1.5m
ii. mahua + lime used- if the water is stored for 2-3 weeks
iii. Bleach powder-1 week
iv. Urea + bleach powder-1 week
7. Fertilization
I. GNOC- GNOC treated by the method is spread in the pond.
ii. MOC-method mixed with water -MOC, keep overnight and spread over pond
iii. Cow manure and other organic fertilizers
iv. SSP- SSP is diluted in water as much as possible and spreads to ponds
v. Two types of modifications
 Basic Modification
o Gnoc / moc-175kg / ha
o Cow dung-50 kg / ha
o SSP-12.5 kg / ha
Intermittent fertilization
o Gnoc / moc-350 kg / ha
o Cow feces-100 kg / ha
o SSP-25 kg / ha
8.Fighting aquatic insects
I. Preparation of soap oil emulsion (vegetable -56l / ha and soap -18 kg / ha)
ii. 1 to 2 days before the application
 Stoking Management
 Stockings-hatch stock @ 50 lakh / ha
 Stock Period (Timing)-Stock early in the morning or evening
 Transport and handling of seed polyethylene bags, containers
Transport, correct road and jerk should be less.
Seed off
1.Plankton test
Check plankton availability before launch
plan 1-2 ml zooplankton requires about 50 ml of water. Qualitative
Quantitative characteristics of crop crops of plankton after fertilization
45 liters of the pond should be filtered to check the nursery at short intervals
Water through a plankton collecting net made of No.21 bolt silk.
abundant production and domination of the phytoplankton organisms
Nursery school in stockings is inappropriate immediately
Stockings and a sediment volume of about 1.0 ml. Composition of zoo planner
rotifers, copepod nauplii, and cladocera are considered good food
Stock up for hatching
pond Observe with pond water in transparent glass
When a small, actively moving organism is found, the pond is ready for storage.
 Fish seed poly bag in water for 15 minutes and sprinkle water slowly
Spawn off
Post-Stocking Management
 Monitoring – Proper monitoring of the pond should be performed.
Supplemental feeding practices
 Appropriate feeding practices should be adopted. Twice a day in the morning and late
Afternoon water temperature. Cool and high dissolved oxygen. For better survival
The growth cycle should increase more than 2 times. Feed is broadcast
On the surface of the pond along the periphery of the surrounding pond. Supplemental lunch
I. Ground Nut Oil Cake + Rice Bran = 1: 1
ii. Ma Hua Oil Cake + Rice Bran = 1: 1
• Repetitive net counting and harvesting techniques—repeated trace netting must be done to confirm.
Mortality and growth. Fries are harvested after reaching 21-1.5 inch size after 21 days. fried food
net is used and repeated netting is done.
I am working on fish farming and I will provide you authentic data about fish farming. it is easy for you to follow these steps you become a successful fish farmer. If you like my effort then follow us and feedback through comment and if you have any question then comment.

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