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Pre Stocking, Stocking And Post Stocking Fish  Rearing pond Management

Pre Stocking Management
1. Prepare a powerful pond Dykes
o Pond slope should be a 2: 1 ratio of 3: 1 (water level 30-50cm).
o The embankment must be raised from the surrounding height to prevent outside water ingress.
Fish in the rainy season
o Mud from the bottom of the pond is washable and should not be used to construct height
Under heavy shower.
2. Removal of aquatic plants and weeds
o Physically eradicable
o Chemical method-Glyphosphate 3 kg/ha
Grass carp in a biological way
3. Predatory fish removal
o Physical method-drying, repeating netting
o Using plant derivative method -moc (saponin) -2500kg / ha
o Bleaching powder -350kg / ha using a chemical method
4. Floor soil drying and plowing
o Drying by dehydration or partial removal by the pump
o Finished floor rake
o Peel, stone, brick, plastic, etc. must be removed
o moc-2500kg / ha or bleach powder -350kgha or a mixture of urea -100kg / ha 
Use bleach powder -175 kg / ha
5. Soil correction (pH)
o Add lime according to soil type
6. Rising water levels.
o 1 m to 1.5 m water-filled
o mahua + lime used- if the water is stored for 2-3 weeks
o Bleaching Pounder-1 week
o Urea + bleach powder-1 week
7. Fertilization
o To increase the availability of basic plankton crystals
Cowdung-4 ton / ha
o SSP-30-40kg / ha
Intermittent fertilization
o Cow dung-500 kg / ha
o SSP-15 kg / ha
Urea -10 kg / ha
Stocking Management
 Stocking instructions
 Stockings – Stock Lak @ 2-3 lakh / ha
 Stocking Ratio:
o IMC-Catla: Rohu: Mirgal – 1: 1 or 1: 2: 2
o In case of IMC + EXOTIC-Stock ratio – C: R: M: S: G: CC :: 1: 1: 1: 1: 1: 1
 Stock Period (Timing) -Early morning or evening
 Transport and handling of seed polyethylene bags, containers
Transport, correct road and jerk should be less.
Post stocking management and monitoring
1. Supplemental feeding practices
 Abundant natural fish organisms are essential.
For grass carp weeds like wolfia, lemna must be provided.
GNOC / MOC of 1: 1 and rice bran / bran are used.
 Feeding time -50% morning and 50% evening
Feeding method broadcast
I am working on fish farming and I will provide you authentic data about fish farming. it is easy for you to follow these steps you become a successful fish farmer. If you like my effort then follow us and feedback through comment and if you have any question then comment.

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