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What are the benefits of floating fish feed?
Many fish experts believe that floating fish feed scores are higher than other types of feed for various reasons.

Maintaining High Feeding – Fish life remains floating on water for a long time. When water is dissolved in water, it loses some of its nutritional value. Floating fish feed can save about 20% of material loss from water, mud, and waste.

Environmentally friendly – Floating fish feeding is easy to monitor. Even the remaining feed can be picked and dried. This feed can be used later and helps to keep the water clean. This is very good for fish growth and environmental protection.

Easy to Store – Due to high temperatures and high-pressure expansion, the water content of floating feed (8-9%) is very low. That is why life particles are hard and very stable. Also, due to the low moisture content, it is easier to store.

Prefer for Young Fish Breeds – It is easy to digest floating fish because of its loose granular structure. So if you are dealing with smaller fish, this will be very helpful.

Monitoring the fish – Eating food helps to monitor the appetite, as fish can be seen from the shore of wetlands during feeding. In addition, the health and vitality of fish can be regularly observed.

However, this does not mean that it is a 100% bad choice of food, it also has some advantages, for example, t
• Better for fish that like to live at the water level.
• The sky or the disappointed fish are afraid to go near the surface of the water.
• Fantastic for fast-moving arteries.

It should be borne in mind that the feeding habit of fish species plays a vital role in selecting the type of fish. Nutrition is the most important role in a profitable fish farming business.


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